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New Cello Concerto, Now on the NPO Radio 4

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

During the 9th edition of the Cello Biënnale, Het Netherlands Kamerorkest performed the second Cello Concerto of Willem Jeths: "Nell' Oltretomba" with Leonard Elsenbroich as the soloist and under the baton of Giuseppe Mengoli.

In the last edition of Avoondconcert (October 25th 2022), Wouter Pleijsier broadcasted the complete concert including the premiered piece by Willem Jeths.

Leonard Elsenbroich, Willem Jeths, Second Cello Concerto, Cello Biennale. The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra,  Giuseppe Mengoli, Statue Foppe Schut
Leonard Elsenbroich plays the world premiere of Willem Jeths' 'Second Cello Concerto' during the Cello Biennale. The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Giuseppe Mengoli accompanies him. Statue Foppe Schut

Listen to the complete program on NPO Radio 4.

Program Note

Cello Biënnale 2022

Nederlands Kamerorkest

Giuseppe Mengoli, conductor

Leonard Elschenbroich, cello

Victor Julien-Laferrière, cello

Takemitsu - How Slow the Wind (5':58" - 17':50" )

Jeths - cello concerto nr. 2 ‘Nell' Oltretomba’ (world premiere) - soloist: Leonard Elschenbroich (19':35" - 51':30")

Miloradovic - variations on the eighth symphony of Dvořák (53':23")

Shostakovich - cello concerto nr. 1 - soloist: Victor Julien Laferrière (1:06':02")

Cello Biennale Amsterdam 2022
Cello Biennale Amsterdam 2022


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