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L'Orchestre du CNSMD de Lyon performs Mors Aeterna

On the 22nd of November, L'Orchestre du CNSMD de Lyon will go on stage under the direction of Douglas Boyd with the performance of "Mors Aeterna". It will mark the French premiere of this work by Willem Jeths, composed in 2015.

[Mors Aeterna by Willem Jeths]...a poignant page in which Wagner lovers will recognise an extension of the “Funeral March of Siegfried” in the Ring.
Jean-Baptiste Millot

The CNSMD Orchestra of Lyon, comprised of students from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon, will perform Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony and Janáček's Sinfonietta alongside the work by Willem Jeths in this concert.

Mors Aeterna for orchestra, which premiered in November 2015 during the NTR ZaterdagMatinee series, narrates a quest for stillness, a piece of pervasive calm, of gentle sounds which were intended to create the impression of having come from the hereafter: the Nirvana of silence where the soul can retreat.

On the 23rd of November, Willem Jeths will give a masterclass on the topic of "Into the process of composing an Opera" at the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et danse de Lyon

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