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The WunderKammer Orchestra's Super Triptych: Italian Premiere of Willem Jeths' Monodrama

In the new collabroation between WKO and the University of Urbino Carlo Bo the aim is "to bring art music beyond its traditional boundaries." The events feature a range of compositions, from Jeths' monodrama to Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 4 and "Histoire du soldat" performed by the WunderKammer Youth Ensemble. In the published article on Corriere Adriatico, Elisabetta Marsigli has covered this performance.

Paolo Marzocchi, the artistic director, reflects on their collaboration with Willem Jeths:

«I met Willem a few years ago: they had me I was really struck by his music and his creative path, in some ways similar to mine: Willem has gone through all the phases, from the experimental avant-garde in the 90s to the current style, apparently much more traditional, but in reality the point of arrival of a deep research. Jeths' music is certainly well written, masterfully orchestrated, it sees traditional elements coexist with boldly experimental sounds, but above all, in my opinion, it is beautiful." (Elisabetta Marsigli , Corriere Adriatico, March 19, 2024)

The full article is available (Italian) to read on "Corriere Adriatico":


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