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A conversation with Willem Jeths: Review on Il Resto del Carlino

Updated: Mar 25

After the Italian premiere of "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Willem Jeths under the baton of the young conductor, Mattia Dattolo, Alessio Zaffini from on "Il Resto del Carlino" magazine discusses the performance with both artists.

Willem Jeths, Mattia Dattolo, Jelena Dojcinovic and WunderKammer Orchestra (Wko)

"So I transfigured the terror of Allan Poe's stories into music. [...] I had been asked to stage an opera [...] while I was searching to find a solution, my eye fell on Edgar Allan Poe's 'Tales of Terror.' From there, flipping through the book, I found the inspiration to compose." (Willem Jeths in interview with Alessio Zaffini, Il Resto del Carlino, March 21, 2024)

The full review is available (Italian) to read on "Il Resto del Carlino":

“Dreams. Visions. Hallucinations” WunderKammer Orchestra


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