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willem jeths - The tell tale heart
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/ Review on 'Pizzicato'
9th of February 2022

Zweimal Tod, einmal steiniger Weg (Two deaths, one rocky path) 

Reviewed by  Remy Franck about the new album of Willem Jeths, The Tell-Tale Heart.

Read the full review on Het Pizzicato.
willem jeths - The tell tale heart
/ Review on Het Parool
3rd of February 2022

Radio Philharmonic Orchestra focuses on masterful music by Willem Jeths.

Reviewed by Erik Voermans about the new album of Willem Jeths, The Tell-Tale Heart.

Read the full review on Het Parool 
/ New Album Released
1st of February 2022

The new album ''The Tell-Tale Heart'' NTR ZaterdagMatinee by Willem Jeths with Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, Tasmin Little (violin), Juliane Banse (soprano), JaapvanZweden, Reinbert de Leeuw and James Gaffigan.

''Gentle sounds which were intended to create the impression of having come from the hereafter: the Nirvana of silence where the soul can retreat''

Listen to the Album or buy your own CD:
Link to the Challenge Records Website.
Listen on Spotify
willem jeths - The tell tale heart
/ Componistenkamer Podcast
27th of November 2021

In the new series of VPRO Podcasts, Melchior Huurdeman investigates Willem Jeths' room and how he is doing his work.

In "De Componistenkamer Series" the conversation with composers takes place in the room where they spend the most hours every day. Where good and bad days and months alternate. Where vistas, portraits, prizes, scores, books and trinkets can provide distraction or inspiration.

You can listen to this podcast episode on the VPRO website. 

“I'm always looking for an edge, a kind of color that you can never actually call up via such a program. And then I prefer to hear it from the inside.”

/ Nomination at the Edison Klassiek 2021
18th of November 2021

The Edison Foundation announced the nominations for Edison Klassiek 2021. More than 200 entries were listened to and judged by the independent and prominent professional jury chaired by Mischa Spel. This resulted in three nominees per category.

We are thrilled to announce that "Ritratto" by Willem Jeths has been nominated for the Edison Klassiek awards 2021in the opera category. 

Jury motivation: With melodious music, a clever libretto and a couple of excellent singers, this new opera by Willem Jeths, although twice a victim of the pandemic, was a great success. Fortunately, this recording is here to prove it.

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The winners will be announced in December and will receive their Edison in an appropriate manner.

International Classical Music Awards
/ Nomination at the ICMA
17th of November 2021

The International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) nominees are publicly announced.

We are very happy with the nomination of Willem Jeths' Requiem for the 2022 awards. 

The finalists will be known by 14 December. The winners of the prestigious ICMA Awards will be revealed on 20 January 2022.

The Award Ceremony and Gala concert will take place at the Philharmonie in Luxembourg on 21 April 2022, with the Luxembourg Philharmonic conducted by one of the Award winners 2022.

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/ New Album Release Date
3rd of November 2021

The new album, "The Tell-Tale Heart" will be released on the 4th of February 2022.

This album includes the live recording of Willem Jeths' "The Tell-Tale Heart" premiered by soprano, Juliane Banse together with the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Jaap van Zweden.

Also, you will listen to "Mors Aeterna" and "Violin Concerto no.2 ‘Diptych Portrait’" conducted by James Gaffigan and Reinbert de Leeuw. 

willem jeths - The tell tale heart
/ Calefax Reed Quintet

Willem Jeths, former Composer Laureate of the Netherlands, wrote a new piece for Calefax's concert programme Love Actually! It is called Ishq, which means 'love' in Arabic, and it is based on one of the greatest love stories of all time: the myth of Pyramus and Thisbe, about a pair of young ill-fated lovers, who's love is forbidden by their parents because of their rivalry.

Check dates and times of Calefax' performances
7th of October 2021
21st f January 2021
/ BBC Music Magazine - 5 stars review 

‘Jeths’s story about the meaning and purpose of art is a powerful and accomplished piece of music theatre. His own post-modernist style helps, with fragments of Ravel’s La Valse, hints of Tristan and Salome, and even Tchaikovsky’s letter scene drifting through a comfortably tonal score. It’s invidious to single out individuals from the young cast, many of them members of the Dutch National Opera Studio, but Verity Wingate is compelling as Luisa, and Paride Cataldo’s posturing D’Annunzio all but steals the show. Laurels, too, for Geoffrey Patterson who conducts the Amsterdam Sinfonietta with complete conviction.’

Willem Jeths - Ritratto - Dutch National Opera.jpg