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Review on Het Parool about the album "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Radio Philharmonic Orchestra focuses on masterful music by Willem Jeths.

Reviewed by Erik Voermans about the new album of Willem Jeths, The Tell-Tale Heart.

In the beginning of this review, Erik Voermans ask a question: ""Why composer Willem Jeths was so moved by Edgar Allen Poe's short story The Tell-Tale Heart that he transformed it (with lyrical help from dramaturg Carel Alphenaar) into an opera, a monodrama for soprano and orchestra, it has to be done with subconscious identification. dealing."

Read the full review on Het Parool

"The atmosphere of Mahler in particular shines through in Jeths, but nowhere in imitation. Masterful music, which never reveals all its secrets, so you can listen to it endlessly." Erik Voermans,Het Parool

"The Tell-Tale Heart" is now available on all digital platforms as well as on physical CD albums.


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